Le Bonne Entente

Hotel Policies

Thanks to our Best Rate Guarantee policy, you will always receive the best available rates when reserving through the Le Bonne Entente Hotel’s website.

Exceptional offers

Exclusive offers and packages to meet your needs and budget can be found only our website.  These cannot be found anywhere else! View our offers.

No online reservation fees

Many travel sites charge additional fees for online reservations. This is not the case with us.  Avoid extra costs by booking through our website.

Le Bonne Entente Hotel respects guests’ privacy. We are mindful of their concerns about the confidentiality of the personal information they provide when making a reservation. Therefore, we certify that, in no circumstances, will our guests’ personal information, such as their name, addresses, emails or telephone numbers, be shared or sold to any third parties. This information will only be used to maintain our relationships with our guests.

We have highly effective security measures on our website to protect confidential personal information. Therefore, our guests can conduct fully secure transactions on Le Bonne Entente Hotel’s official website.

The Bonne Entente communications team appreciates and encourages interaction with our social media followers.

In order to ensure that the dialogue remains constructive and courteous, we have developed a social media policy.

We reserve the right to delete any comments that are deemed off topic, irrelevant, incomprehensible or immoral.

We will not tolerate any that:

  • Is hateful, defamatory, racist, sexist or threatening
  • Promotes or discredits an individual, organization, product or political party
  • Attacks someone personally and invades his or her privacy
  • Is vulgar or obscene
  • Is repeated or unjustifiably in capital letters
  • Constitutes advertising or propaganda

All of your comments and suggestions will be read with interest. We are committed to responding to our followers as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Gift cards

Gift cards must be presented at the reception desk upon arrival at the hotel. They cannot be applied to online reservations.


The lowest price displayed is the price for a Superior room during the low season (October to May). After May 31 (low season) or after the expiry date (high season), the value of the of the package will be transformed to its nominal value and can be spent on accommodations and restaurant services at the Bonne Entente Hotel. It cannot be combined with any other promotion. Non-exchangeable, non-transferrable and non-refundable. Cannot be applied to groups. The Bonne Entente Hotel is not responsible for lost or stolen cards or packages.

Package prices may be higher than the basic pricing so that holders can take advantage of the packages during the high season. Prices are displayed as starting at and for double occupancy. Reservations are required. A minimum two-night stay is required for Saturdays.