Business Experience

Highly strategic meetings are always held in unique places. It’s a given: you always meet the right people when you are at the right place, at the right time.

The BE offers you inspiring facilities and optimal conditions for you and your team to meet up, exchange ideas, and build your best business strategies. All you have to do is create the best time to do it!

It’s more than just an offer. It’s a brand-new concept

At BE, we take your business meetings very seriously. A unique environment, highly personalized service, restaurant services adapted to your needs, and optimal management of your schedule ensure that your meeting is successful and has an outcome that enables you to tackle your business challenges head on. At the BE, you are always in contact with one of our Maître d’s by smartphone. Discreet and efficient, this new service allows you to adjust your schedule and needs based on how your meeting evolves. The ultimate goal? Offering you and your team everything you need to stay productive!

The BE also provides restaurant services based on your distinct preferences. The MC Lounge offers a vibrant atmosphere—with a delicious menu to match. Our brand-new three-course meal was created specifically for business people that want to enjoy good fare, but plan to get back down to business as soon as possible. Prefer keeping the focus even more? We can also provide our Signature lunchboxes right in your meeting room.


Get better results

Because some of you need an extra jolt to perform better, the BE now offers permanent coffee breaks. What’s more, take advantage of our unique living spaces to share ideas or form small groups to brainstorm on winning strategies.

Are you ready to build something great under our roof? Contact one of our event planners today.

If you are flexible on your meeting dates, you can receive exclusive benefits. Learn more here!