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You will not find as many dining choices under the same roof anywhere else in Quebec! Le Bonne Entente Hotel’s signature restaurants are all overseen by a whole team of chefs. The decor, ambiance, service and the food has been designed to give you a truly unique and casual gourmet experience.


The Fun Club, our supervised playroom is available for children from 0-17 years. Our supervised service is complimentary when you have dinner at one of our restaurants.

The MC Lounge at Le Bonne Entente Hotel now offers a brand-new brunch smorgasbord on Saturdays and Sundays—with a delicious combination of dishes to share, a crepe bar all you can eat, bubbly, cocktails and music.

With a laid-back atmosphere, including a raw bar with fresh oysters, our friendly steak house is open to everyone! Check out our weekday 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. specials.

Restaurant Living Rouge - Hôtel Le Bonne Entente

The pinnacle of luxury! Discover the most VIP location in the hotel! You’ll be in awe of the signature cocktails, champagne, cold appetizers and sweets in a self-serve format!

Restaurant MC Signé Golf - Hôtel Le Bonne Entente

Revel in four-diamond quality and service, along with the most beautiful golf course in the province!

Enjoy a taste of California here in Québec! The patio around our pool provides a sublime ambiance. What’s more: our fresh and delicious meals are prepared right in front of your eyes.

Traiteur MC Trotteur - Hôtel Le Bonne Entente

A taste of Le Bonne Entente Hotel, wherever you are! Discover our turnkey catering service.