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5 Tips for Getting a Hotel Upgrade

Getting an upgrade may seem like a fluke, but there are actually strategies you can use to increase your chances of getting a higher category room without spending a fortune. In this article, we share some practical tips to help you maximize your chances of getting an upgrade on your next stay at a top hotel.


Book Directly With the Hotel

When booking your hotel room, try to do so directly with the establishment rather than through an online booking site. Hotels will generally favor guests who book directly in such a situation. Since they save on commission fees paid to third-party booking sites, they can give more back to customers when possible. By booking directly, you also show your commitment to the hotel, which can increase your chances of receiving an upgrade.

Join a Loyalty Program

Hotel loyalty programs, such as the one at Le Bonne Entente, are designed to reward regular customers. By joining, you can benefit from exclusive privileges, such as upgrades, free breakfasts or reduced rates. Be sure to provide your membership number to the hotel when you make your reservation and upon arrival to maximize your benefits.

Travel in Low Season

Hotels are more likely to upgrade their guests during off-peak periods. As the establishment is less busy, the upgrade margin can be greater. By planning your stay during the off-season, or avoiding normally busy dates, you increase your chances of benefiting from an upgrade.

Take Advantage of Special Occasions

If you’re marking a special occasion, such as a birthday, honeymoon, or an event worth celebrating, don’t hesitate to mention it to the hotel. Establishments are often willing to offer upgrades or extra benefits to guests celebrating important moments in their lives.

Be Polite and Courteous on Arrival

Respect and good humor always win the day! When you arrive at the hotel, be pleasant to the front desk staff. Express your enthusiasm about staying at the establishment and politely ask if it’s possible to get an upgrade.


With all these tips, the odds are in your favor. ; )

Enjoy your stay!